Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is it finally over?

Thank God for our Security Services!! And our salute to the many unknown brave men from our forces

Thank you Suchin for this message -

"Forgiving a terrorist should be left to God. But fixing their appointment with God is entirely our responsibility"

Thursday, November 27, 2008

26th November 2008 - Mumbai's latest date with Terrorism

Mumbai is still battling with the entire city under siege by Terrorists. A shiver runs down my spine to think about the calculated manner in which these attacks have been carried out with such precision that has left the intelligence looking like fools.

It is claimed that the perpetrators of terror arrived in the Gate way of India in a boat. What was our coast guard and our defence forces doing? I used to look at awe at the huge navy ships and feel a sense of pride that they were guarding India. Now.... A boat laden with arms and explosives have been seized in the Gateway. An unestimated number of terrorists, divided into small groups and weidling hand held weapons and improvised explosive devices literally took control of Mumbai and targetted hotels, railway stations, hospitals..... How porous can our security be? Can it get worse??

The grand old lady of Mumbai was the first building to be lit by electricity. It was really heart wrenching to see the fire there. And, also the commando action at the Nariman Bhavan, Hotel Trident and Oberoi. Hope all emerge safe and sound, though reports of two ATS men succumbing has already been confirmed. It will only take a few moments for Uncle Sam and his sychophant to declare Mumbai , or it could even be India, out of bounds for its citizens, forgetting the next target could be anywhere

This is not the India in which I want to live. Give me peace. There will be thousands, millions like me who want peace.

Scary picture this...It is not like 9/11, nor is it like Madrid 2004, or London 2006. How could the terrorists have planned such an operation, of such magnitude without the intelligence world wide not sniffing this? Be it the handiwork of LET or the Deccan Mujahideen or which ever, terror is a reality, a pressing one at that, which has in the recent days moved from Jaipur to Bangalore to Ahmedabad to Surat to Delhi to Assam and now Mumbai. This is not the end of it all.

But the pertinent question which arises in my mind is how safe are our nuclear establishments? We have been assured of No- First use assurance from President Zardari with glee but have we checked the ground reality and what needs to be done?

Hoping we wake up to a bright safe and new India and world soon which is like Utopia. Will we or the generations to come see that day? But before that, hoping we redeem our Mumbai from the clutches of these terror vultures soon!!

Image Courtesy - Reuters

Courtesy -Sri. Raman, Director, Institute for Topical Studies, Chennai