Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Interesting HR Practices

In today's Bangalore where software companies are still mushrooming by the hundreds, the HR in most software companies are trying their best to keep the employees within their brood and stem the attrition rate. The whole idea is that the HR is being quite innovative now a days to keep the employees motivated and though the companies grow multifold, they retain the personal touch.

It was very interesting to read that Aditi Technologies had brought in an elephant and the works on the day new employees were inducted into the company and they were welcomed within the fold by the application of tilak and the performance of aarti. The new recruits were really thrilled to be given such a royal welcome.

In iGate, the employees get together every monday for a music performance in which any employee interested can display their talent. This has become such a hit that the phrase "manic monday" does not exist for iGators.

Another company "Continuous Computing" takes a break from continuous computing at lunch time when the company switches off all lights and the employees relax and go to sleep in the office. Some of them also get their pillows, mattresses etc to have a good, undisturbed siesta for 45 minutes. Also the employees have different smileys which they display on their cabins as per their mood. If the employee has a weepy, then the grievance of that employee is taken care of. What with employees asked to sleep and clients instructed not to disturb the staff during the afternoon siesta :), one need not be surprised to find smiling smileys all around

Surely it seems like a dream working for these software companies. However, will these practices stem attrition? Will the employees be satisfied with what their employers dole out to them?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What a place!!!!

There are these small little tiny places strewn all around the city which dole out clean, tasty food from the usual traditional stuff that tingles one's taste buds to the really exotic ones which has us raising our brows in appreciation.

One such place I discovered when I went for my walk around the Malleswaram area is Sairam Juice and Chats on the 16th Cross somewhere between 6th and 8th Mains very close to MES College. I went back after the walk, drove to the place alongwith people from home.

They are very innovative with the chats there from Dahi Bhel to Nippat Masala to Chips Masala. And their churning out is so tasty that we were longing to eat more though we were full. It is all right I guess to sin once in a while. To top it, the people there are very friendly with pleasant faces and smiles that it is quite an experience though we have to stand on the pavement to eat (we sat in the car as it was drizzling). They are quite clean too. Bangaloreans should check out this place just like Veena Stores and Asha's in Malleswaram

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wishes for Sivaji

It was a surprise to see this hoarding wishing that the film Sivaji would run to a centenary (dont know what that means though.... 100 days??) infront of Cauvery Theatre which is showing Sivaji. Surprise to see Kannada fans pitching for a Tamil film. Is it the Rajnikanth-Bangalore connection? Or... well I smell something here :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rig Veda A World Heritage

It is indeed a proud moment for all Indians that 30 Manuscripts of the Rig Veda have been recognized as World Heritage. It is the earliest available work written by the Aryans in the Harappan Civilization. It was written between 1800 and 1500 BC. The hymns in the Rig Veda show how the people in the Indus Valley Civilization led their lives, what they believed in and also how they praised their Gods.The Rig consists of 1028 hymns,10552 verses(39,831 Padas) and is the longest of the Vedas.

This, though late,is but just a recognition of the ancient and rich culture that is India.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unveiling the Purdahnashin

All was well with the world of Purdah till our Presidential hopeful Pratibha Patil rattled the hornet's nest claiming that the purdah system was started to protect the women from Muslim invaders and Mughals in particular. What about the heavily purdhah-ed women of Rajashtan?

Once when I was still doing my law, had been to Delhi as part of our course and so we went to Jaipur. There was a wedding taking place in a temple and the bride was fully covered with clothes and flowers from head to toe. We wanted to see the bride. With a lot of charm and persuasion, a few of us girls managed to go see the girl lifing her purdah, she was such a young delicate girl, so beautiful, the feeling we had after seeing her was will she be this way always within the purdah... Sad state!!

Law too exempts certain classes of people from personal appearance in courts. Once amongst them is the purdahnashin(or the lady wearing the veil). She is not expected to appear in courts.

I just read a precis by Sanjeev Nayyar from the book "Thoughts on Pakistan" written by Dr. Ambedkar about the Purdah System and am reproducing it below-

"Purdah system - That something more is the compulsory Purdah system for women. As a consequence a system of segregation of Muslim women is brought about. ‘Friends have reproduced excerpts of purdah impact’. All of them are confined to the same room, not expected to visit outer rooms. These burkha clad women walking on the streets is one of the most hideous sights one can witness in India. Such seclusion cannot but have its deteriorating effects upon the physical constitution of Muslim women. They are usually victims of anaemia, tuberculosis and pyorrhea. Their bodies are deformed with their backs bent etc. Ribs, bones and nearly all their bones ache. Heart palpation is very often present in them. The result of this pelvic deformity is untimely death at the time of delivery. Purdah deprives Muslim women of mental & moral nourishment. Further they become narrow and restricted in their outlook. Being deprived of a healthy social life, the process of moral degeneration sets in. They have no desire for knowledge, because they are taught not to be interested in nothing outside four walls of the house. It makes them helpless, timid & unfit to fight life.
The origin of purdah lies of course in the deep-rooted suspicion of sexual appetites in both sexes and the purpose is to check them by segregating the sexes. But far from achieving that purpose, it has adversely affected the morals of women. They have limited contact with the outside world; the men have no company of females except children & aged. The isolation of the males from the females is sure to produce bad effects on the morals of men. It requires no psychoanalyst to say that a social system that cuts off all contact between the two sexes produces an unhealthy tendency towards sexual excesses & unnatural and other morbid ways & habits.

Purdah is also responsible for social segregation of Hindus from Muslims, which is the bane of public life in India. The Hindus do not want to establish social contact because it means contact between a Muslim man with and Hindu lady and Hindu man. Surely Purdah is found amongst a section of the Hindus too but it lacks religious sanctity, as is the case with the Muslims. ‘Friends what the Hindu ladies do is to have a ghoonghat, meaning covering of the head and face. Again it is more prevalent today in smaller towns & villages. A number of ladies cover their heads only as a mark of respect to elders. However, Hindu women do not wear another layer of clothing like Muslim women do'.
Thus there is stagnation in the social life of the Muslims. But there is also stagnation in the political life of the community in India. Their predominant interest is religion. Politics is essentially clerical and recognizes only one difference namely that existing between Hindus and Muslims. None of the secular categories of life have any place in the politics of the community and if they do find a place – they are subordinated to none and the only governing principle of the political universe, namely Religion.

Does it matter whether the purdah is one layer or two layers. The idea is to keep the women folk in seclusion. And it really does not matter what the origin, this system defintely has to go if India has to grow. This also means the relevant changes in the Laws too have to be brought about.

Pics-The Internet

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Messages and Forwards

Talking about SMSes and forwards,there are so many being circulated that I hardly spend anytime reading them. However, there are two that I liked..

One was an SMS I received which went like this-
What is the difference between the rest of India and Bangalore?
In the rest of India, people drive on the left of the road whereas in Bangalore you drive on what is left of the road.

How true..

Another one which I have received innumerable times but still I read it fully each time I receive it is this--

The white man said, "Colored people are not allowed here." The black man turned around and stood up. He then said: "Listen sir....when I was born I was BLACK, " "When I grew up I was BLACK, " "When I'm sick I'm BLACK, " "When I go in the sun I'm BLACK, " "When I'm cold I'm BLACK, "When I die I'll be BLACK." "But you sir." "When you're born you're pink, " "When you grow up you're white, " "When you're sick, you're green, "When you go in the sun you turn red, " "When you're cold you turn blue, " "And when you die you turn purple." "And you have the nerve to
call me colored?" The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away....

Food for thought this?

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sivaji the boss

I received a message from Suchin this morning. I was getting ready to leave home when this message came in and I in a hurry snatched my phone to check on the message. it said..."I have Sivaji 4 tickets in PVR matinee show on 15th...if u want i will give it to u...."
I had never thought of watching this movie, but this message had me thinking, why not. But I was not sure about the convenience of my husband, so called him up and enquired if he would want to go. He was not very eager but did not want to dampen my spirits and so said after some thought ok if you feel like going. Well, then I called up Suchin and he asked me are you in the theatre and asked me did you read the message fully. I then realized it was a prank message and then scrolled down the message to see the full one.. which went this way..."but it is only parking ticket, venuma?" I had such a laugh.
The best part was in my hurry I thought that the tickets were for Sunday, I think we conveniently see only what we want to...LOL. But I started today with a hearty laugh.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Banning Orkut

It was with surprise that I read yesterdday about moves to ban orkut and thought it probably was a joke till I read about the Shiv Seniks attacking a Cyber Net Centre in Thane, Maharashtra.

One wonders what will remain of the democracy if there is such a blatant attack on Freedom of Speech and Expression. There are moves to develop a software which will partly ban orkut and prevent access to sites which spread hate India campaign

I do not think this makes sense at all. Will the government now plan a ban on paintings which hurt the sentiments of many? we come.

If the Government finds a way to block an URL, the techies will find a way to bypass that and still access the site.

There are so many porn sites on the web easily accessible to anyone surfing the internet.Why does the Government not do anything about banning that? It was reported by a Television Channel (ETV) that Billions of Rupees are going out of India due to
porno sites. It says, 33% of Men and 8% women browse porno sites from office computers itself while working -quoting AC Neilson. The International porno biz is around US$60Bn. It is behind lot of abductions and other sex related crime in India. We can easily assume the loss to India could be around US$ 3BN directly and if we take in account other costs like Judicial, Administrative and Social, it becomes too difficult to evaluate.

If the Government wants to do something about cleaning up the Internet for India, they should begin with banning these sites.

On the other side, my broad band service provider has blocked Blogspot and says it is one of the sites that Government of India has issued instructions for blocking. No amount of reasoning that I can access it from my work place or using dial up has worked till last evening when I have threatened legal action. Hoping better sense prevails.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

An Open letter...

After Bangalore, it is the turn of Tiruvananthapuram to ire the animal lovers. The CM's office is being barged by a flood of letters/mails.


Mr.V.S. Achuthanandan,
Chief Minister,Kerala,
Government Secretariat,
Trivandrum 695001

Dear Sir,We are shocked and outraged by the savage and inhuman manner in which your Government and municipal corporations in your State have been killing stray dogs. Particularly revolting has been the role of the Trivandrum Corporation authorities who have been killing stray dogs with wanton and apparently pre-planned, savagery. What is absolutely unpardonable, an elderly British lady, Avis Lyons, who has set up an excellent animal shelter near Trivandrum and had been sterilizing and vaccinating stray dogs, was roughed up by your policemen when she came to intercede in a completely civilized and non-violent manner.

Should municipal and police authorities in your State deny these allegations, we are prepared to counter them with live video clips showing their obnoxious conduct.We would like to point out to you in this context that Article 51A(g) of the Constitution of India states that it shall be the fundamental duty of every citizen of India "to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and have compassion for living creatures".

We, the undersigned, therefore, strongly urge upon you to take immediate steps to stop the killing of stray dogs, revert to the earlier practice of implementing Animal Birth Control (Dog) Rules 2001 and provide exemplary punishment to those guilty of roughing up Ms Lyons and inflicting unspeakable cruelty to innocent stray dogs, many of whom had been neutered and vaccinated against rabies.Hoping for immediate action

Yours sincerely

We had been reading that a number of children had been fatally mauled by dogs in Bangalore. However, my thought on this is, is sending the dog to the pound, the only solution to tackle this menace?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Proactive Bangalore Police?

Bangalore Traffic Police are advertising through their notices in the newspapers as well as hoardings across the city that they have fulfilled their early promises made through BTRAC.

They are harping on these-

1. The traffic information system: BTIS- This seems great. It has to be seen how thisis used by the cops in regulating traffic.

2.Putting up signage and lane markings is good. They have started doing it in certain roads with dedicated lanes to autorickshaws etc. But please, this dedicated lane to the it wise? I was driving on Saturday from near Minsk square alongside Chinnaswamy Stadium wanting to enter Lavelle Road. These auto drivers who were in their lane which is at the extreme left wanted to go to Kasturbha Road, and hence taking a right. It was utter confusion there with vehicles zig zagging across the road at the junction. My take on this is that the traffic police should do a rethink about this dedicated lane, or should regulate the traffic at such points. Some markings which are visible here and there seems good though,

3.Easy Auto - Sounds so good, hope it is true. We have all heard stories of auto rickshaw drivers fleecing people.

Hope enforcement too is as good with fine being imposed on the spot for traffic violations.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Terrorism...Is there no end?

There seems to be no end to terrorism. It sickens me no end to think that there is no respite for the world from these. And there is no country or place which seems to be safe any longer. Will the world ever be a peaceful place to be live in?