Friday, June 26, 2009

Adieu MJ

It cannot be said it was shocking to hear about the passing away of the king of pop, Michael Jackson but still shocking it is. Personalities like these are ones who live on beyond their physical life.

He had been suffering a lot of health, medical and other issues, but that did not do a bit to wane his fans. Controversy was his middle name, with reports of him sleeping in an oxygen chamber, to his pets, to his bleaching his skin light, his conversion to Islam; all have been lapped up hungrily by his fans. The scandals and his exploitation by his music promoters which forced him to sell of his priced possessions, all left the newspapers and tabloids with a lot of fodder to fill their pages with.

My tryst with western music began with his songs actually. ABBA, BoneyM et al did not seem to be western music till "Beat It" from "Thriller" by Jackson came about. The way he sang, the way he danced, the way he made his videos...all seemed so unique and special and left us all spell bound. It surely changed the way music videos were made. "We are the world" that he alongwith Lionel Richie got all top artistes of the time to perform is another feather in his cap.

“Farewell and adieu to you, Jackson".

Though your music and videos will remain, you will surely be missed.

Though not perfect, his life can be an inspiration on what one can achieve if one had the talent and the drive.

Rest in Peace