Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shanti Nilava Vendum

Pattammal's alongwith M.S. Subbulakshmi and M. L. Vasantha Kumari were ones which were almost always heard at home. My grand mother used to be a big time rasika of DKP. She has made many kritis of Dikshitar immortal. Coming from an age when ladies were not allowed to sing in public leave alone sing on stage occupied by men, Pattammal was a revolutionary, paving way for many to follow her foot steps. Her clarity of pronunciation and also singing is something every aspiring musician should learn.

Praying for her soul to rest in eternal peace in the Almighty

Clip of her voice rendering Vaishnava Janato from Hey Raam


Balaji S Rajan said...


My mom remembered DKP on the day when she passed away. It is a great loss for the Carnatic music world.

radha Iyengar said...

Hi Rama, I am suchin's aunt. I somehow got interested in your profile on suchin's friend's list. Started reading. Your interests matches mine. My husband was ordent lover karnatic music particularly DKP besides GNB, MSS. He always their music most athenitc with no adultration. Now i am learning music from DKP's and MSS student also the neice of Bharathiar. She is the one who called me as soon as she came to know DKP's demise. She had talked to her few weeks ago as she could not talk only listen to my teacher itseems. Yes it is greatest loss for music world. In our house we used hear day in and day out her music would plying.
I just thought of getting aquainted with you.

kamma said...

So. you are a serious music admirer huh....