Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recalling E-Mail the Google Way

Google Mail has come out with yet another interesting feature that allows the sender to recall an email.

This feature aims at giving the sender an opportunity to rethink if he wants to send that email and if he feels like it, recall it by clicking on the Undo Button as G-mail holds the message in its draft form for five seconds before sending it. This does not recall a mail which is already sent. This could be a revolution in so far as sending emails is concerned. However, nothing would be achieved in holding the mail for 5 seconds more, when the sender had all the time in the universe while drafting that email to contemplate whether to send or not. Maybe, a mistake in address etc. could be rectified, but would this 5 seconds be enough? So, if a person has second thoughts about a mail, he better think fast.

Well, for all we know, google might have more in store for us in ensuring human relations are kept intact after their experiment in preventing users from sending emails when in a drunken state or reminding a person about a forgotten attachment if the attachment is mentioned in the mail.

Personally, using Gmail has spoiled me for any other email!!

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