Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Taare Zameen Par Effect

The SSLC Board in Karnataka has made concessions for students with learning disabilities or dyslexia by allowing them to use simple calculators and the assistance of a scribe while writing the 10th Standard Board examinations. Is this the Taare Zameen Par Effect? I did not know what dyslexia was, though had read a little about it and knew the spelling of the word till the movie came and shook me to the reality of dyslexia. Hope we wake up and realize that it is not just the dyslexics who need understanding but also others equally if not more challenged.


Unknown!!! said...

If that is the case then why having exams in the first hand. Lets just learn watever and move on.

Rama said...

That is only fir children suffering from dyslexia.. All others do not use calculators. I think it is a good step in ensuring that all examined are atleast to some extent equally placed